SAP® Payroll Connector for Workday® HCM 

HR3 Connector is an integration framework enabling payroll “employee master data” replication from Workday to SAP Payroll.

HR3 Cockpit offer a central access to process integration related tasks to guarantee master data change operational completion from a payroll perspective.

The HR3 Cockpit increase significantly the productivity of your Payroll Team while eliminating the payroll runs rejection.

Payroll integration Challenges ?

  • Workday and SAP® Payroll are two systems designed with fundamental differences around data structure and processes. Customer specific development is an challenging undertaking. Support and maintain such an integration is costly and IT services intensive. 
  • Payroll demands an extensive subset of country specific information as well as payroll grade consistency in order to successfully run payroll operations. 

  • Existing legacy payroll configuration reflect years of system improvements and regulatory requirements. How do you leverage the data flow from Workday without breaking the rules and validations defined in SAP PA ?

  • HR and IT teams find out that it is complicated to fulfill data integration in a classical seamless automated way without getting into over complexed custom flows that requires further investment to fill the gap on the SAP® Payroll side adding more tailored processes.

If this seems familiar to you you should check the HR3 Connector.


Instead of creating new SAP® procedures with complex point-to-point custom integration, HR3 connector actually leverage existing client investment reusing existing well proven and stable processes.

Lowest HRIT support and near zero integration rejection due to its unique technology.

Proven Solution

Successfully implemented in more than 40 countries, the HR3 Connector has proved to be flexible enough to be compliant with any complex local legal requirements and their continuous changes.



With the HR3 Connector, the only way to commit changes to SAP® Payroll is by strictly following standard or client specific business rules and logic. This includes mandatory field validation, systematic checks, customer made guidelines in customer-exits or BADis.

User-friendly Solution

The HR3 Connector allows HR administrators to continue business as usual leveraring their existing investment in the SAP® Payroll; With a fast learning curve and leaving the Payroll Administrator in control. They will love it.

How does it work ?

  • Workday delivers PECI files, the HR3 Connector process the staffing events using the mapping and rules defined. 
  • The HR3 Cockpit offers in global insight of all changes to apply in SAP PA. Payroll managers uses their hisoricaly SAP  user interface to chose which changes to process and when.
  • Changes are enforced by SAP and guarantee master data change operational completion from a payroll perspective.
  • Integration services maybe inbound or outbound and based on configurable objects that include different set of rules such as field mapping, value mapping, consistency checks and also include population groups to which these rules refer to.
  • The HR3 employee data replication services maybe bidirectional and include payroll, non-payroll and external workers from a single Workday instance to multiple downstream SAP ERP instances.


 “The HR3 Connector is a very helpful tool supporting the daily tasks in our HR Administration team. The tool supports us in ensuring that HR master data is aligned between Workday and SAP, and reduce the need for manual “double maintenance” of the same data. In the HR3 buffer list we have a good overview of the tasks and task types, that needs to be performed in SAP, and when initiating the actions from here, the data already entered in Workday is defaulted and/or mapped into SAP values, which makes processing easier and less time consuming, as only additional Payroll relevant data needs to be entered.”

HR3 Customer, Denmark