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Recruiters and hiring managers have tough jobs. They must deal with fierce competition for the right people for their business. They are under pressure to find people who can start as soon as possible, so that business projects can go ahead. They are also ambassadors for their business; whether candidates are recruited or not, how they are treated in the recruitment process will significantly impact how they perceive a company in the future.


However, challenging economic conditions are piling pressure on even more. Senior managers increasingly expect efficiency and cost savings from across all parts of the business, without compromising quality standards or customer service.

Three Ways Your Workday® Platform Can Help Your Business More.

Workday® users will already be familiar with its capabilities to help them manage the end-to-end recruitment process. This includes drafting and approving job specs, advertising roles, reviewing candidates, arranging interviews, managing the interview process, checking references, and making job offers. They know how these capabilities help them offer a recruitment process that provides the ideal experience for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.

Now that senior managers are asking for more let’s explore some steps Workday® users can take to deliver more with less.


#1 Make the Best Use of the Recruitment Hub

If you are looking for low-hanging fruit to help you optimize your recruitment processes, fully utilizing the Workday® Recruitment Hub is a great place to start.

The Recruitment Hub is your one-stop shop for your whole recruitment process. Its dashboards can help HR managers and directors get an at-a-glance view of their recruitment process, whether it be the candidate pipeline, recruitment source effectiveness, or candidate progress. It gives you a sense of which parts of the recruitment process are working well and where there are time-consuming – and expensive – log jams, where perhaps good candidates are dropping out, or where background checks are taking longer than they should, for example.

The Hub is great for hiring managers, so they can easily see what is happening with filling the critical positions they need to fill quickly. They only need to log in to Workday®, to check for updates on candidates, and then get back to the day job. No need to constantly email their recruiter in HR.

While many Workday® users already utilize the Recruitment Hub, many still don’t, and we believe many more can get yet more out of it by applying some simple steps.

For example, the Recruitment Hub helps you create a flexible recruitment process. While your business might have a ‘standard’ recruitment process, equally, there may be situations where you need flexibility, as you might need an additional interview or assessment stage for some roles but not all. The Recruitment Hub makes changes like these straightforward, transparent, and auditable, so your challenge becomes finding the ideal candidate, not re-engineering your recruitment process.

#2 Use Workday Documents to Standardize Your Recruitment Process

Recruiting staff, at any scale, uses a great deal of workflow, and even ‘paperless’ processes need good documentation if the right people are going to be recruited, using the correct terms and conditions.

A recent update from Workday® has made its document management capability significantly easier to use. Users can create document templates covering role specifications, job adverts, job offers, reference requests, probation documentation, job changes, and terminations. Workday® offers a powerful, easy-to-use platform that makes it easy to design these documents, review and approve them, as well as store all recruitment documentation on the Workday® platform, ready for easy access and change control.

#3 Think About the Candidate’s Experience

The recruitment experience with a company is very personal. It can significantly impact how a company is perceived, regardless of how much money it spends on branding and advertising.

Optimizing the experience can help you attract the right candidates and reduce dropout rates, especially early in the recruitment cycle.

For example, interview scheduling requires many back-and-forth requests between recruiters and hiring managers. Tools like Rooster will allow the candidate to share his available time slots or choose from the available time for the interviewers in real-time. The Rooster Advanced Scheduler for Workday Recruiting saves hundreds of hours on interview scheduling and significantly improves the candidate experience. 

Equally, rather than using the standard Workday® job advertising templates, you can easily use templates from companies like Talent Brew or Phenom People to add impact to your job adverts, so they help you stand out from the crowd.

Also, consider the steps you ask people to go through when opening their Workday® account with you. In our experience, asking upfront for too much information is a turnoff for many busy candidates. So, asking them to detail their work experience AND posting their CV might be asking too much too soon. Asking for their salary expectations or eligibility to work might be OK in some situations – for example, retail, where there are significant application volumes – but not all.

Reminders for candidates work well, too. It shows you are taking them seriously. So, create and use message templates 24 hours before an interview or screening calls, and watch those no-show rates plummet.

Talent Acquisition will continue to be a challenging mission and will remain key to business growth. ClouDevOps is ideally placed to help your company get the best user experience and reach your hiring goals, by optimizing your Workday® configuration.   

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