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SAP® Payroll Connector for

Workday® HCM


The HR3 Connector is an integration framework enabling Payroll “’Employee master data’’ replication from Workday to SAP PA. The HR3 Connector  enables Payroll Managers to enrich the Workday data with payroll specifics as well as check data quality.

The HR3 Cockpit increase significantly the productivity of the Payroll Managers and eliminates the payroll runs rejection.

It can also extract SAP PA data filling the Workday Data Gathering Workbooks.

Post Workday GoLive is can also push SAP Payroll data or documents into Workday HCM after GoLive (Payslips, Employee IDs, Payroll Data).

Workday® Document Loader

A plug and Play studio integration ready to configure to load files in your Workday tenant.

Feature: Assign security, document type, control load progress and load fails. 

HCM Usage: Load Payslips, Load Employee Documents, Load historical Perf Reviews. 

Finance Usage: Load account payable, Load Contracts, Load providers certification documents.